Two Little Buckeyes is a small family business located in Columbus, Ohio. We've been making our Mom's famous buckeyes for over 20 years for our friends and family. Now, after being told for years “these are so good, you should sell them”, we finally are.

We're not part of an assembly line so you can be confident that your buckeyes will be given the time and personal touch that make them the most delicious buckeyes you have ever eaten. Our goal is to present a buckeye to our customers that looks as good as it tastes.

We provide beautiful, delicious buckeyes and only use the best ingredients. If you've ever made buckeyes, you know how time consuming it is. Let us do the work while you enjoy the creamiest, melt in your mouth chocolate buckeyes you have ever had. And our buckeyes are made by OSU alumni. O-H! © 2011